Echo Mill has protective covenants and a Homeowner’s Association to help maintain the quality and appearance of the community for the benefit of all of the homeowners and their neighbors.  The Echo Mill Neighborhood Association, Inc. was founded with the  covenants and architectural standards during the development of the neighborhood.  This step was taken with the intent of creating a safer, better looking neighborhood which would provide the members of the Association (the homeowners) the use of common amenities and retain or increase homeowner property investments.  Each homeowner agrees to the covenants as a condition of purchasing their homes in Echo Mill.

The Echo Mill Neighborhood Association conducts an annual homeowner’s meeting to review the previous year’s projects, select board representation, approve the budget for the coming year, and conduct other business of the Association.  This meeting is usually held in the spring.

Additionally, the Echo Mill Neighborhood Association’s Board of Directors holds general sessions (meetings) monthly.  These meetings are open to Echo Mill residents to attend.  Notice of upcoming meetings is communicated by e-mail to neighbors who have provided their e-mail addresses.  Meeting times are also posted on the marquee at the neighborhood entrances in advance of the meeting. Homeowners wishing to speak at a general session should notify the board at  in advance of the meeting.  The notice should include the topic to discuss and how much time is believed to be needed to cover the topic.