Echo Mill Neighborhood Association restricts the leasing of homes within the neighborhood as required by Amendment Six to the Covenants.  This Amendment was approved by the neighborhood in 2017.  To learn more about this, please review Amendment Six which is posted on the Echo Mill website under the Governance tab.

All Echo Mill Homeowners are requested to complete an Affidavit acknowledging the leasing status of their property.  This Affidavit was mailed to all homeowners of record as of March 5, 2018.  CLICK HERE to view the FULL mailing.  Homeowners who currently lease their property (or a portion thereof) should complete and return all forms in their entirety along with the other documentation required.

The vast majority of Echo Mill homes are not leased and are occupied solely by the home owner(s) and family.  Homeowners who live in their property and do not have any leasers living in the property should simply complete and return the front page of the affidavit only.  (Owner – Occupant – Vehicle Information and the remainder of the mailer is NOT required in this situation.)  The front page of the affidavit can be downloaded at:  Leasing_Affidavit.

Please contact the Association’s Board of Directors at with any additional questions you may have.



This is a temporary web page created March 15 & updated March 25, 2018 to aid in the communication of the Affidavit associated with the leasing restrictions.