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What is VANTACA?

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Heritage Property Management maintains a database called VANTACA as part of it responsibilities of managing the neighborhood.  The VANTACA system provides a wealth of information including:

  • View your account online & get statements
  • Gather payment options for assessments
  • Submit ARC Requests
  • Copies of the neighborhood financials
  • Homeowner Directory
  • Make changes to your contact information.
  • Other Homeowner services

You can find this database on Heritage’s Resource Center at

For immediate assistance, you can also complete your request online at our Homeowner Portal in Vantaca,

For more information on the Homeowner Portal for Vantaca and information on how to use the portal, please visit our Resource Center at

We are here for all your community needs. If you would like to speak to someone immediately, you can reach our Homeowner Solution Center at 770-451-8171.

  • Access Device, Gate Changes / Clubhouse, Cabana & Other Facility Rentals

Press 1 at the prompts

  • Architectural Modification Submissions / Violations Questions, Disputes & Resolutions

Press 2 at the prompts

  • General Homeowner Inquiries / Online Account Setup

Press 3 at the prompts

  • Account Balance or Accounting Questions / Collection Inquiries

Press 4 at the prompts

  • Realtor Inquiries, Closing Requests, Change of Title

Press 6 at the prompts