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If you show up at the Amenity Band Distribution in the spring, you will be handed a document to complete called a “Proxy”.  Yes, the proxy is a confusing document for most everyone.  Sadly, the confusion is caused by the legal requirements of the process.  For this reason, a brief description of the document (written by a non-lawyer) is provided below.  If you want a full legal description, please consult an attorney.  CLICK HERE if you would like to see the 2018 Echo Mill proxy.

Most homeowners choose to not attend the Association’s Annual Meeting.  Therefore, a proxy is provided to each homeowner at the Amenity Band distribution for two reasons.  First, a quorum of members (homeowners) is needed at the Annual Meeting in order to finalize the business of the Association.  The Proxy allows a quorum to be formed.  Second, representatives for the Association’s Board of Directors must be selected each year and the proxy allows a homeowner to vote for their representative.


But how does the proxy work?  By completing the proxy, a homeowner delegates someone else to cast a vote(s) on their behalf.   For this reason, it is essential the delegate be present at the Annual Meeting.  The homeowner may name their specific delegate in the first line of the proxy.  If the homeowner does not have a delegate to name, the homeowner may choose to leave the delegate space on the form blank.  When this occurs, the voting responsibility at Echo Mill falls on one of the officers of the Association.  The 2018 Echo Mill proxy defaults to and assigns the responsibility to the President of the Association with other officers as back-up should the President not be available at the Annual Meeting.  When a homeowner completes and signs the proxy, the named delegate or the designated officer becomes the “Proxy Holder”.

It is the responsibility of the Proxy Holder to vote exactly as the homeowner has instructed on the proxy.  If the homeowner does not provide specific instructions, the Echo Mill proxy allows the “proxy holder” to cast the homeowner’s vote as the Proxy Holder chooses.  Again, the proxy is structured in this manner so that the business of the Association can be concluded at the Annual Meeting, even in the absence of the homeowners who are not in attendance.

So here are the most common questions received about the Proxy:

Do I have to submit a proxy?   No!  Completing a proxy is an option for a homeowner.  The option is provided so the homeowner’s vote can be cast if they are not at the Annual Meeting.  If you plan to attend the Annual Meeting, then you do not need to submit a proxy.

Can I change my proxy after I have submitted it?   Yes!  You have two options!  First, you can submit another proxy.  The last proxy you submit prior to the Annual Meeting supersedes any previously submitted proxies.   Another option is to attend the Annual Meeting in person and cast a ballot.  Your ballot also supersedes your previously submitted proxy.

If you have a question which is not answered here, ask a Board Member or send an email to the Board at .  You are also encouraged to consult an attorney to obtain advice which aligns with your specific situation.