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How do I get a Access to the Amenities (e.g. Swimming Pool)?

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Currently there are two forms of entry into the amenities at Echo Mill, an access card and a “B” Key.

An Access Card was issued to all residents in good financial standing during May 2021 and a previous distribution issued each homeowner a “B” key.

The Access Card will grant you entry to the following:

: The back pool (both gates) and the restroom within the clubhouse. It WILL NOT permit entry into the Back Clubhouse area.

: The front pool and the rest rooms located within the front pool. It WILL NOT permit entry into the Front Clubhouse area.

As of this writing (June 17th, 2022) a “B” key is necessary to access the front playground, the front tennis courts, basketball courts and the volleyball courts.

During initial distribution, each homeowner was issued one access card. Each homeowner/resident may purchase a second access device. Additional access devices are priced as follows:

Access Cards $25.00

Access FOB $50.00

At this time, homeowners within Echo Mill are limited to TWO access devices. This can consist of:

a. Two access cards

b. An Access Card and a FOB

c. Two FOB’s, you must surrender the original access card you received.

Restrictions on the access card or FOB are as follows

· If you lose your access card – It will cost $25.00 for a replacement.

· If its damaged and your access card no longer works – It will cost $25.00 for a replacement.

· FOB replacement is $50.00

New residents that were not left an access card, amenity bands or a “B” key will be issued a new Amenity Package (Card, Bands and Key), but the original card that was issued to the previous homeowner will be deleted from the system, a new “B” Key, and new Amenity Bands issued.

If you purchase an additional card, BOTH the initial card issued and your NEW card will work to provide access to “ALL” amenities. These cards do NOT provide access to the Front or Rear Clubhouses but will allow you access to the rear clubhouse rest rooms.

If you require an Access Card, Amenity Bands or a “B” key, please notify the Board of Directors at .