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How do I access the VANTACA system?

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Heritage Property Management maintains a database called VANTACA as part of it responsibilities of managing the neighborhood.  You must have individual login credentials to access the Heritage VANTACA system.  To create an account and obtain login credentials:

To Request a Login to Vantaca

To Log Into Vantaca

    • Obtain credentials (i.e., login) for Vantaca (See above).
    • Go to the website to login:
    • Enter your eMail and password that Heritage sent to you.
    • Once logged in, you will be at the “Owner Dashboard”. This gives you an overview of your upcoming Assessments or if there are any Open Issues (e.g., service requests, etc.).

Helpful Terms When Using the Vantaca Site

Dashboard: This menu takes you back to the original screen.
My Account: This menu will show you your payment history
My Items: This menu will show you the status of any inquiries or service requests you have made through the “Other Request” menu
My Login: This menu allows you to change your password for the Vantaca system.
Submit A Request: This menu gives you ways to communicate with Heritage electronically.  Options include Billing Question, General Question, and Service/Maintenance Request.  These requests will be routed to the appropriate person to assist.
My Contact Info: This menu will allow you to verify your contact information as well as indicate how you would like our office to communicate with you (i.e. via E-Mail, text, or paper).  If you need to change your mailing address, you may update your mailing address by clicking on the drop down box that says “Mailing Address” and by  clicking on “New Address” on the right hand side of the screen.

 If you need your name changed in the system or need to remove or add an owner, please email a copy of your warranty deed or for a name change & a copy of your government ID to: 

For questions and additional information regarding the Vantaca system or your homeowner’s account, please contact Heritage Property Management by email at or by phone at 770-451-8171 or contact Echo Mill’s property manager Jennifer Carter at .