Dear Neighbors,

Both pools are scheduled to be inspected on May 19th.  When we receive approval from the Cobb County inspectors, we will open the pools to the neighborhood.  As we said in the last update, the front pool has a leak.  The leak detectors are scheduled for May 21st and we will schedule any required repairs as we are able.  We will keep the front pool open if possible.

HOWEVER, we are still working to determine the new bather capacity.  The formulas for pool capacity are being revised and we will have that number available before the pools open.  In addition, due to the concerns for surface contamination and at the recommendation of our insurers, we will be holding off on putting the movable furniture around the pools until at least sometime in June.  If you want to bring a chair, you are welcome; but do not leave your own chairs overnight. 

I realize that there is a lot of uncertainty in these statements.  Welcome to the roaring 20’s!!  As we find out more, we will keep you informed.   At the end of the day, each of us are responsible for our own (and each other’s) health.   Practice your social distancing, wash your hands, and use common sense to stay safe.

Echo Mill Neighborhood Association