To Our Valued Customers,

West Cobb Sanitation is hopeful you and your loved ones are doing well, our prayers are with you and your families.  The health crisis we are experiencing in the U.S. and the world is obviously a challenge for everyone.  As a result of this unprecedented crisis, all sanitation companies are facing new and unusual challenges.  Sanitation workers at West Cobb Sanitation are working tirelessly to provide needed services for our community.  We have truly seen some of our guys become exhausted from their incredible workload.  West Cobb Sanitation is currently picking up more than 50% of additional residential waste daily because most of our citizens are at home. Therefore, we need your help during this time with the various items I have outlined in this letter.  The items detailed in this letter are effective Monday, April 6, 2020.

First and foremost, please contact our office if you have concerns about any sickness in your home during these uncertain times.  Notifying our office will help us to notify our drivers and workers on specified routes.  Additionally, our employees will take extra precautions to handle such waste in a safe manner to protect themselves and not spread any unwanted sickness.  “In fact, solid waste haulers rank third on the list of riskiest jobs in the U.S.”, according to a study by the Florida Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Miami, and the University of Miami.

Additionally, a tremendous challenge all sanitation companies are facing is the significant increase and surge in the volume of waste and recycling being collected daily.  Therefore, at this time we will only be able to remove household garbage in your tippable roll carts which have wheels. 

Please review the following changes and requests carefully:

1.     ALL items in your roll cart will need to be bagged.  Bagged garbage will help our workers and company to remove your waste in a more efficient and sanitized manner. Please double bag your trash if someone is sick in your home.

2.     We can only pick up 2 roll carts per pickup at this time, either 1 garbage and 1 recycling or 2 garbage.

3.     Please do not bag items being placed in your recycle roll cart and/or bins.  

4.     Please remember to clean the handles on your trash container and around the lid area with antibacterial wipes or other type cleaners appropriate for Covid-19.

5.      Please remove any liquids from all containers before putting items in a trash bag, including drink cups, etc.  

6.     We are unable to accept any yard debris currently.  We are also unable to provide you with a time when this service could possibly resume.  The volume of residential waste is too vast for the removal of debris at this time.  Mulching your grass when the yard is cut is an excellent alternative instead of bagging. 

7.     Please hang on to your larger items and extra items from clean up and clean out projects at your home for a later time.  The current volume of residential waste is too vast for the removal of other items.

8.     Please put your garbage and recycling out the night before your service day.  Currently the route times are not as consistent due to the volume being placed at the street.  Many of our routes are starting earlier and ending later in the day. 

We respectfully ask that you give our office staff extra time and grace in responding to your needs/requests. Some of our staff members are working staggered hours in order to better provide accommodations for their own families. We will continue to strive to operate in a way that best serves your needs and provides a safe environment to your family and our sanitation workers.  If you need to contact us with a question, please consider looking at our website for the answer.  Also, we plan to utilize our twitter account for various notices, service delays, and weather delays, etc.  Please follow us: @wcsanitation.

It remains our goal to serve you to the best of our ability, limit exposure to our crew members, and not delay our employees in getting home to their own families and tending to their needs. Thank you in advance for your help!

West Cobb Sanitation is very thankful for your business.  It is a privilege to serve you and our community.  We are hopeful that families, our community, and country emerge from the dangers of the current pandemic in a safe and timely manner.


Steve Rogers,
West Cobb Sanitation