As we all know, Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the entire world.  We will not truly know the impact for many months, if not years to come.  The interruptions of our daily lives has taken a significant toll on all of us.  We ask you to remember this in all of your interactions.  At this point, the best thing that we can do for ourselves, our families, and our global community is conform to the Social Distancing recommendations by our Federal government and the Executive order signed by Governor Brian Kemp which took effect April 3, 2020 at 6:00PM.  

We are all members of our community and have a responsibility to each other.  Should this state of emergency change, we will have to adjust; but in the meantime, PARTICIPATE IN SOCIAL DISTANCING

Click here to review the Georgia Executive Order and the Cobb County Order Supplementing & Extending Declaration of Emergency in Cobb County.  

Having said that, please accept this communication to clarify  the Neighborhood Association’s Board of Director’s decision regarding the closure of the Echo Mill Amenities.  We have closed both clubhouses (to including the restrooms), as well as, the entire front outdoor amenity area (playground, basketball court, volleyball court, and tennis courts).  All of these amenities will remain closed until further notice but at least until April 24, 2020.   We do not have the ability to physically close the back playground, but you should consider that playground as closed as well.  Given the primary users of this playground, one could argue that this would be a prime place to pass germs from one family to another.

At this time, the nature trail, the back multi-purpose field, and back tennis courts will remain open.  However, ALL OF US MUST adhere to the Georgia Executive Order and the Cobb County Order at all times. Again, we all have a responsibility to each other.  

We have had an influx of non-residents using/trying to use our amenities in the past few days and weeks; so PLEASE help us out by wearing your amenity bands while you are using the amenities.  

At this time, the clubhouses are available for rental after May 1 and the pools are still scheduled to open in Mid-May.  However, this may have to change.  If we have to adjust the closures we will give you as much notice as possible.  We are trying to stay about two weeks ahead.

As always, should our collective situation change, we will adjust accordingly and do our best to notify you as quickly as possible.  I ask that you be patient with your families, your neighbors, the community volunteers, and the board during this difficult period.  We are all under duress at this time; be cognizant of this as you interact with each other.

Rick Graham
Echo Mill Neighborhood Association Board of Directors