Board of Directors

The affairs of the Association are governed by a Board of Directors who represent the members (homeowners) of the Association.  Each Director is elected by the homeowners and serves a two-year term. All Board of Directors can be contacted by addressing an e-mail to gro.l1527030954limoh1527030954ce@do1527030954b1527030954.


2018-2019 Board of Directors

Board Position Name Phone Email
Acting President & Secretary* Chip Huffman 404-513-2447 moc.k1527030954ooltu1527030954o@me.1527030954pihc1527030954
Acting Vice President* Rick Graham 770-222-2391 moc.l1527030954iamg@1527030954bmema1527030954hargr1527030954
Acting Treasurer* Jason Gifford 770-841-2221 moc.E1527030954R-MPD1527030954@drof1527030954fiGJ1527030954
Director Akil Bektemba TBD moc.l1527030954iamg@1527030954dobme1527030954.lika1527030954
Director Bill String  TBD moc.k1527030954ooltu1527030954o@me.1527030954SlliB1527030954

* All roles are “Acting” until Board’s first meeting when officers positions will be selected.